Be Street Smart – Learn Street Survival Skills

Do you consider yourself to be a street smart person? Could you go into an area you are not familiar with and blend in so you do not attract undo attention to yourself? If not you need to learn some simple skills to be street smart and keep yourself from getting into a situation you would rather avoid.

First off you should just avoid going to any area or place you are not comfortable with or feel would not be safe. Why put yourself into a dangerous position for no reason. If you must go into an area such as this you want to do whatever it takes to not draw attention to you.

Dress in a way that makes you look like you belong there. Don’t look flashy or over dressed because people will be checking you out and it may draw someone to you. Leave your jewelry at home and don’t wear ear plugs for any type of music devise, someone may want these items more than you.

Look and act as if you are from the area and don’t speak to anyone unless you have to. If you speak, say as little as you can get away with. If someone asks you a question answer back politely but not in a way that will prolong the conversation, you want to keep moving along.

Avoid making eye contact with anyone. If your eyes meet someone else’s don’t lock onto theirs, keep your eyes moving as if you are looking for something and they just happened to cross theirs.